We let visions become reality

Visions are the motivation of mankind. Every development, every innovation was made possible only by visionaries with rich ideas and foresight. The realization of ideas needs the concepts that the Concept Tech Group offers.Share your visions with us and we will take care that they become reality.

The respective competence of our team makes it possible to offer our clients complete solutions.

Our mission is to fulfill the requirements of the customer. Consequently, our team of specialists work in cooperation with the customer using the most modern technology.

  • Established: 1998
  • Exportmarket: world-wide
  • Quality management ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental management ISO 14001:2009

Quality is the ultimate benchmark

Quality assurance is the duty and obligation of all our staff. The Concept Tech Group’s quality assurance measures primarily pursue three objectives:

1. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

We place value on safeguarding our operational quality. We see ourselves as a partner for our customers, whose wishes are to be fulfilled quickly, competently and on time.

2. Stabilising Competitiveness

Errors are to be minimised, costs reduced and the use of resources planned efficiently. With a strategic plan for the advancement our company we want to be able to react even better to the needs of our customers. We carry out long-term research projects on proposals and other legislative initiatives of the automotive industry, in order to be able to offer our expert knowledge to our customers when these become binding.

3. Innovation and Advancement

The professionalism of our work should be constantly extended. Tasks and structures should be transparent to our employees. We place value on the fact that as our most important source of expertise they are highly qualified and carry out their work in line with the latest knowledge.

Corporate Policy                                                          "Sustainable corporate success through trust and safety"

Safety is not just the most frequent field of application for the company’s core competencies, but also a feeling that we want to give all stakeholders in their dealings with the Concept Tech Group.
Trust means to us the confidence of our employees, customers, suppliers, owners and society that the actions of the organisation and people are based on integrity, truth, honesty and authenticity.

for employees:
  • own responsibility and initiative
  • continuing training
  • team spirit
  • long-term employment
  • prevention of safety, health and environmental hazards
  • secure jobs
for customers:
  • product and service quality
  • flexibility/capacity to react
  • employee experience
  • technical competence
  • adherence to delivery dates
  • safety-conscious service
for suppliers:
  • long-term relationships based on partnership
for society:
  • economic stimuli
  • environmental awareness, conservation of resources and waste prevention
  • compliance with statutory obligations
  • prevention of environmental and material damage and personal injury
  • involvement of stakeholders
for owners:
  • corporate success
  • healthy growth
  • innovation
  • documentation, implementation, maintenance, review and improvement of the management system
The environmental aspects of our activities on the site are essentially controlling the materials in use, the resultant waste, energy use and controlling effects and emissions during our crash tests. The risks are assessed and the minimisation of the effects is pursued continuously within the scope of the management system.
Concept Tech GmbH is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the "Development and Industrial Production of Components for Motor Vehicles".

All of our test stations have been certified by TÜV (the German Technical Inspectorate).